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I can provide you with a range of services associated with your property or development project:

Building Survey & Fire Risk Assessment

If you have a concern about whether your building or project meets the minimum standards or complies with current building regulations in regard to fire safety, I can conduct a fire risk assessment of the building and prepare a prioritised schedule of remedial works to upgrade the building.

Preparation of Applications For A Fire Safety Certificate

Any proposal to build, extend, alter or change the use of a building, other than for a few exceptions, will require a fire safety certificate be applied for and granted before works can commence. To prepare this requires detailed knowledge of the various fire safety regulations, relevant guidance documents and building practice.

Certification of Compliance

Many types of building uses require certification of compliance with a fire safety certificate issued for the development of that building, in particular, Nursing Homes, Child-care premises, licensed premises, etc. During conveyance of a building, many might ask if there is a fire safety cert for the building, but will not ask if the building complies with this certificate.....

Ancillary Certifier

New Building Control Regulations for 2014 require almost all construction and development projects to be certified on completion. I can inspect and certify compliance with fire safety and access & use requirements [Parts B and M] of the building regulations.

Fire Safety Management

I can help you develop a fire safety management plan for your premises, including a simple management structure with various essential roles assigned, develop an evacuation strategy for the building, provide training for personnel and document the plan in a Register.

Disability Access Certificates

Since Jan 2010, any project requiring a fire safety certificate also now needs a Disability Access Certificate. The aim of this is to facilitate access and use of buildings to the wide range of ability levels in the community, with particular emphasis on those with impairment of mobility, vision and/or hearing. From 2012, development of existing buildings, such as a change of use, extension or material alteration, will be required to improve the accessibility to the existing building as well as to the new works.

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